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notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008
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The route ...

The route ... well ... I wouldn't start from here

If I can find my way to North America I hope to travel some 4,500 miles from West to East both in the USA and Canada. I better start learning how to read maps ... but then again there are those lovely people at Google.

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I'll be starting at Cape Alava (Washington state) the most north westerly point in the continental United States of America. I might even try to get out to Bodelteh Islands. I will then pop into Ozette the most westerly populated place. Then heading an awful long way off to Lubec in Maine, the most easterly populated place and then out to West Quoddy Point, the most easterly point.

My route is entirely flexible except for the start point, the end point, and stops in Denver to see WandA and Quebec City for IFLA.

However, there are places I particularly want to see along the way. Mount Rainer (if it's not too snowy) and maybe Mount St Helen's (as long as she doesn't blow up on me). The Nez Perce Park and some of the Lewis and Clark trail, Hamilton (of course!) in Montana and another visit to the infamous Old Faithful Inn (of course) in Yellowstone where we got right royally drunk with half of WandA (I vaguely recall almost staggering into a pool of boiling mud). Then there's the Grand Teton Park which I have only ever seen from a distance. In Denver I want go to Wynkoop and show of my pool playing skills and visit Rio Grande so I can blab all my most secret secrets when Birch and Drex will no doubt once again force me to have just one more marguerita over the three marguerita limit.

After Denver it all gets a bit vague coz I'm not familiar with the middle of the country but I'd like to try slip just over the border in to Kansas and back out again just so I can say Toto I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more. Then I plan to visit WandA's mum in Omaha for a fine feed and hopefully WandA will sag for me (that's sag as in carry my bags, not sag as in getting a bit jowly).

After Omaha I don't know what's good to visit so send in your suggestions. I am interested in historic sites, native American culture, art, libraries, pie and bike shops!



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