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notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008
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Maybe you thought there would be an RSS feed here. Perhaps one day there will but for the time being this page will be about food, eating, nosh, grub, scran ......

I think one of my major motivations for undertaking this trip is that I can stuff myself with as much food as I want and still lose weight! I am very fond of food but it has to be good food. I will glorify all examples of good, local, seasonal, non industrial food in this section. I will rant about bad food. I will glorify all examples of fine ales (microbrewed) and wines (cooperatively produced) and I will rant about Budweiser vs Budwar and mutter about near beer. But what I am really looking forward to is:

  • comsuming 6000 calories a day (3 times the average for a woman - hurrah!)
  • PIE, cherry pie, apple pie, rhubarb pie, any old pie I don't care (no a la mode tho - get that ice cream off my pie!)
  • any little fishie on a little dishie or even a prawn on a lawn. We love the fishies. It's just a shame that North America is so wide and the sea is at either end. I suspect a certain lack of fresh fish around about Nebraska.
  • decent espresso coffee but no stinking Starbucks
  • real Mexican food - ooops wrong countries
  • organic anything (except cauliflower - yeuch!)
  • free range anything, even alligator
  • an occasional falafel would be nice
  • did I mention pie



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