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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008
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What I'll be dragging around ...

  • one human being who should really know better. Female of the species, 43 years old, short with messy hair, blue eyes, sturdy of leg, with a strong desire to scoff pies and scoop margueritas. [check]
  • one bicycle. It's red. Whatdya mean you want more detail on the bike ? It's red and pretty. Is that not enough ? OK, OK, it's a 1999 Cannondale T800 touring bike. It's got two wheels and some gears. The man at the bike shop told me I should invest in a new transmission coz then I could have 30 gears (as if 24 wasn't enough!) [check] I'll need a new saddle too one like this to protect my lady bits. [not yet aquired check]
  • some panniers. I'm thinking Arkel GT54 for the back and maybe a small bar bag. Folks keep telling me I should get front panniers but Jeez how much stuff does a girl need to carry? [not yet aquired check]
  • one tent. The beautiful Big Agnes Seedhouse 3SL. That means 3 person SuperLight. She's big but she's not calorifically challenged weighing in at a mere 2 kilos including her groundsheet. And, why do I need a 3 person tent if there's only me going on the trip ? Have you seen a one person tent ? You'd go mad in there. With a three person tent I will have lots of room to spread my stuff around and make a mess. That'll make me feel like being at home. And of course me and the racoons, earwigs and skunks can party in there [check]
  • one lovely soft Thermarest-lite [check]
  • one nice warm sleeping bag. I'm thinking a women specific down one [not yet aquired check] I got a lovely REI one but at a much more bargainous price than on the website due to Scottish thriftyness and the REI sale. TY REI. The baggie is wintering in Denver at House of WandA. WandA tell me she is very small and light.
  • my trusty multi tool, some tyre levers, two inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, a chain tool, nuts and bolts and chain links and a pump. No need for wheel true-ers, extra spokes, brake / gear cables coz we have no idea how to use or fit such things. Oh, maybe some oil. I think the chain would like that. A knife (of the utility type), a cup, a plate and a spoon. Water bottles, dozens of water bottles. [check]
  • My Gore Paclite waterproof cycling jacket (can't you tell I'm Scottish ? We always think of the rain first). [check]
  • My Sealskin socks (yes still thinking about the rain) and a couple of pairs of normal wee socks. [check] Update: me thinks new Sealskinz are required due to my existing pair rotting on the Great Glen Mountain Biking debacle.
  • Should I take my Gore Paclite waterproof trousers? I would if I was in Scotland and I hear it tips down in Washington. [dither check. K&S in Tacoma have confirmed the tipping downess of the western part of the state]
  • My Pearl Izumi baggies with their detachable nappy bit. [check] I will no doubt get more shorts nearer the time. I quite fancy some Descente MTB shorts (no need to scare the locals wiff the lycra!) [not yet aquired check but not Descente just more Pearl Izumis]
  • My lovely Rapha cycling gloves [check]
  • My lovely pink Rapha cycling jersey [check] and no doubt another cycling top yet to be purchased [not yet aquired]
  • My Northwave mountain biking shoes [check] which I might replace before I go with these ones or these ones. [Update: new NorthWave GoreTex shoes have been acquired]
  • I'm not sure if I should take some long cycling trousers or just invest in some leg warmers. [dither] Update: dithering persists on the trous front but leg warmers have been purchased.
  • And I'll be needing a long sleeved top in case it is cold. Probably a fleecy or a merino will suffice. [All not yet aquired]
  • My helmet [check] Update: I think I need a new one. I've had my current one six years and it's been kicked downstairs and bounced off the heather once to often me thinks.
  • My sunglasses [check]
  • And other non technical clothing will include from the bottom up: a pair of tevas, two pairs of pants (as in underwear not pants!), some trous with zip off bits for shorts, a bra or two, a t-shirt or two, a neckerchief [check - the lovely Eeva gave me a Buff]. Oh and my trusty pyjama bottoms.
  • A towel, a special lightweight one - I've heard they're smelly horrid things , toothbrush, toothpaste, wet-ones (for that instant shower experience), soap, the laydeez products, sun-tan lotion, lip salve, moisturiser. A severe haircut before I leave will negate then need for a comb. How could I forget .... deodorant ... otherwise no-one'll speak to me. A first aid kit stuffed full of co-codamol to ward off the sore heids. [All not yet aquired]
  • Assorted gadgetary including; bicycle computer [check], digi-cam [check], a teeny laptop or palm or blackberry [not yet aquired] , moby [not yet aquired] , obligatory ipod [check]. Several gazillion maps [check] and a book [not yet aquired] , a passport [check], some string and some bungees. Money, yes MONEY [not yet aquired] would help and some credit cards [check]. Maybe a pen [check] and some paper [check]. Cocktail shaker ? Yes, cocktail shaker [not yet aquired] and some tequila [not yet aquired check drunk]




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