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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008
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Welcome to pedal plenty...

I am not really sure what has possessed me to undertake such madness but during the summer of 2008 I am bicycling from the most North Westerly point in the contiguous 48 USA states to the most North Easterly point. As I go, I'll be sharing my thoughts and photos, tales of what I'm eating (my favourite thing to do) and drinking (my second favourite thing to do). There will be the usual tales of botched bicycle mechanics, gossip with the locals, whimsy and whining which my family, friends and other readers have come to expect.

So something of the route perhaps ?

  • I'll start somewhere in westerly Washington state. (It's wet I hear, that suits me just fine)
  • then meander meaninglessly toward Denver to visit WandA
  • be carried Dorothyesque style across the flatlands to Omaha and beyond
  • dither around the Great Lakes trying to decide Canada now or Canada later?
  • zoom upto Quebec City ah oui nous parlons francais
  • then down to Maine somewhere or other to end the trip
  • followed by a huge tidal varying scout round the Bay of Fundy to catch the plane home (that is home as in Home as in Land of my fathers not home page)

And something of me ...

  • I am Scottish - that's Scottish or Scots, not Scotch nor Finnish nor Dutch or Deutsch or Engerlish and most certainly not Irish (although our accents are just as cute as theirs). There will be much shouting about being Scottish throughout the trip mostly confirming every Scottish stereotype you can imagine (with the exception of the ginger hair).
  • I am a female of the species with blue eyes, messy hair and size 38 feet (that's a European size of foot, don't you North Americans be thinking I have flipper feet now!)
  • I am quite daft to undertake such a trip. If you'd like to talk me out of doing this please do so soon
  • my long suffering other half, Le Chef, is being tolerant of this silliness. Secretly I think he is looking forward to four months without my wittering and chatting.
  • my pals will be roped in to doing all sorts of website management chores (they don't know this yet so please keep it quiet)
  • my employer let me skive off for ... I mean ... granted my leave for several months to pursue personal goals and challenges.



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